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Topaz Denoise 6.0

Reduce noise from photographs while retaining details
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Topaz Denoise is intended to reduce noise from images. It comes in particularly handy when you are fixing photographs taken in poor light or technical conditions. Likewise, it can also improve scanned pictures. Luckily, this tool can work as an independent desktop application or as Photoshop plugin. If you are a Photoshop user, you will probably be glad to know that the same hotkey combinations are available, no matter the application you are using.

Most similar applications fail to remove noise without retaining the details. Fortunately, Topaz Denoise has no negative impact on the rest of the elements in the picture. It can help you solve difficult conditions, such as those involving debanding, shadow tones and color casts. For inexpert users, there are various convenient noise-reduction presets. However, should you need to be more precise, it is also possible to manually adjust such parameters as overall strength, shadow, highlight, color, detail, blur and grain. Not only that, you can create your own presets so that you can reuse them when you need to.

In general, Topaz Denoise is perfect for both experts and novices alike. When tested, it worked just as expected, the program did a great job in fixing various photographs. Unfortunately, its high prize can make it unaffordable to many users.

Pedro Castro
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  • Noise reduction while retaining details.
  • Desktop application and Photoshop plugin.
  • Manual parameter adjustment.
  • Various built-in presets available.
  • Customized presets


  • High price
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